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  • How to dress for your body type to highlight your best features

    At Allcovered, we know that every woman is unique and we think her wardrobe should be unique too. By offering a made-to-measure service, we adapt to your body type, your height and preferences et hope to help you the best we can. Each body being so different one from another, they're still is a system that allows you to better understand your body type and use some tips to highlight your best features! View Post
  • 10 things you (might) not know about Allcovered and its founder Noemi

    Allcovered we'll be 4 y/o this fall. Maybe you're a loyal client since the begining, maybe you're a new client or a about to be a client, but do you really know everything about the brand? Here's 10 facts you (might) not know about Allcovered and its founder, Noemi! View Post