10 things you (might) not know about Allcovered and its founder Noemi

Allcovered we'll be 4 y/o this fall. Maybe you're a loyal client since the begining, maybe you're a new client or a about to be a client, but do you really know everything about the brand? Here's 10 facts you (might) not know about Allcovered and its founder, Noemi!
Allcovered is a University project become reality
Noémi founded Allcovered during her studies in entrepreneurship. She had to work on a new business idea that became the brand we know today!
Noémi founded Allcovered at only 21 y/o 
The young entrepreneur founded Allcovered in 2015 at the age of only 21 y/o. All designs and orders were made in her mother's and mother in law's basements, like in the movies!
Some piece of clothing made in 2015 are still selling well today 
You love the luxuriant jumpsuit? This one was created back in 2015 and is still very beautiful and popular! This is a real proof that we're creating timeless pieces!
We've been part of the french canadian show "Dans l'oeil du dragon" and have never been broadcast!
This is a big secret! You almost had the chance to see us in your tv's last spring. Unfortunately, almost the half of entrepreneurs pitching in front of the dragons are not broadcasted, as for us. Good luck next time!
The business model of Allcovered has completely changed from the first one back in 2015
Entrepreneurship is evolution. At first, we didn't even offer the made-to-measure service, which is now the biggest part of Allcovered identity!
Jumpsuits and dresses are not named randomly
All jumpsuits and dresses are named after important women in the life of Noemi the founder. Is your name there?
Allcovered almost closed it's doors in July 2018 
We often hear about the roller coaster journey of entrepreneurship and it's not a myth! Allcovered almost closed its doors last summer but Noémi found the strength in her to work as harder as ever on the business and today we have so much beautiful projects coming at us. Never give up guys!
What are we inspired by ? You of course!
 When we enter a creation phase at Allcovered, we're not inspired by travels or trends or colors but by you dear clients! We want to create garments for your needs! Don't hesitate to summit your ideas daily!
Noémi the founder of Allcovered has a second business 
If you visit our store, you'll see that our workshop is now much bigger! Well, that's because Noémi and her business partner Roxane created a brand new manufacturing company, Les Productions RN, that is a subcontracting business for other clothing or accessories companies based in Quebec. This is also where all the Allcovered's production is made. 
We now have a physical store and... 
Some of you already came by our first ever flagship store in Quebec city! We're open every friday 12-8pm and saturday 10-5pm to live a unique shopping experience. You are not in Quebec city? The Allcoverd tour is continuing this fall, keep an eye open we will announce the dates and cities soon!
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