10 facts to know about ALLCOVERED


A little bit more than one year ago, the brand Allcovered was born. A clothing line created by girlbosses for girlbosses, providing a quality wardrobe that meets the needs of career women in search of a simple yet bold look. In the past few weeks, you might have discovered the brand through social medias, articles in newspapers such as La Presse and Le Journal de Québec, or simply by word-of-mouth. Today, we present you 10 facts you might not know about the brand, if you don't already know them yet!


1- All garnments are designed and manufactured in Quebec city, Canada (with care and attention to quality)

2- The founder and designer of Allcovered lauched the brand at the age of 21 (she's now 23) 

3- The relationship with our clients is our priority. We love to chat with you, never hesitate to ask us your questions, we'll always be happy to answer them

4- We offer a tailoring service. You choose the pieces you want from our collection and they will be made according to your very own measurements. (We know that all women are different, but still equally beautiful!)

5- The clothes are design according to your needs! Tell us which type of garnments you'd like to have to mix with the ones you've already purchased.

6- We're anti fast fashion and we hate the "imposed" schedule of 2 collections per year. For us fashion is not ephemeral at least not the ones we offer you. We want you to wear our designs seasons after seasons, whether its last year or in 5 years from now. 

7- We work with other businesses. Allcovered works in collaboration with several companies, both emerging and well established ones for either the creation of new products, uniforms or other projects !

8- Being very ambitious girlbosses, we aim no less than being on the international market. We want to establish the brand soon or later, all around the world.

9- Allcovered is only available online. (for now...)

10- We will soon have a place to welcome you! In a few weeks, we will have our very own showroom in Quebec city, where you'll be able to come and try on our designs (and even have a coffee break with the designer why not!)


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Allcovered Team