LOOK 2 - Dare to mix different styles


For this project in collaboration with Allcovered, we've played with the model's wardrobe to create different looks. The idea behind these different proposals is that you can create looks with your own pieces of clothing mixed with the various pieces offered by the brand.

In the previous article, we've worked with the pink version of the Sincere pants. This time, I wanted to bring more classic tones, but just as trendy for this season. So, I opted for a dark forest green paired up with some black, simply because those colors are in vogue these days. Once again, I played with textured top, in fact a piece with a strong baroque influence, composed of a heavy satin material. I will admit that I love delicate fabrics such as satin, lace and velvet. These feminine materials reflecting the lingerie universe fits perfectly with Allcovered's minimalist and simple designs. The top worn by Marie, from Zara, has a pretty ample cut, so I wanted to break the amplitude and highlight the waist of Marie by mixing it with the black high waisted Sincere pants

This baroque style top let show the shoulders and neck of Marie, a super stylish detail this season which allows to wear more prominent accessories such as the Bossy choker. I must confess, as a stylist, I find these big accessories kind of hard to work with on a daily basis. If its paired up with a over-loaded top or with a wide collar, it will give the illusion of a pretty small neck, which is not very flattering. However, its a necklace that complements many simple looks, especially when the neck and shoulders are revealed. For the look we've created, the choker adds an edgy and contemporary side to the outfit but still very feminine and chic. Through the brands universe, something I really love is the asymmetrical and minimalist deconstructions, a recurring detail in Allcovered's designs. Notice here the asymmetry of the pants hem ; an element that allows us to have fun and feminize the foot with a beautiful shoe. Then, you can afford to wear your favourite heels with this delicate and original detail.

 Pictures: Artistic direction Mauve & Aurora (Maude Sen & Anaïs Faubert) / MUA Virginie Mélodie / Assistant Sarah-ève Ducharme / Model Marie Couture

Pictures: Artistic direction Mauve & Aurora (Maude Sen & Anaïs Faubert) / MUA Virginie Mélodie / Assistant Sarah-ève Ducharme / Model Marie Couture

To dress up the foot, I chose a sober and classic shoe, in order to fit perfectly with the choker and the straight cut pants. Once again, these chic pants will feminize any outfits which is perfect for those of you who hate wearing skirts. Through this shooting, we decided to tie Marie's hair in a low ponytail, to enhance Marie's shoulders and neck. The look is much softer and romantic that way. 

This clothing composition may seem daring for some of you, but it is perfect for a romantic dinner with your date or even an happy hour. For colder evenings, a closed shoe should be perfect to complete this look, even a stylish boot would have worked. To adapt the outfit for the cold days of winter, wear it with the Dimension winter coat. Now, its time for you to have fun and wear your most "funky" tops with the sincere black pants for modern and trendy looks !

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