High hand clothing maintenance


Clothing maintenance can quickly become a puzzle, especially when you don't have a lot of time to care about it. Color separation, textiles seperation, dry cleaning, hand washing, how to get out? Today, we're giving you tips on how to keep your Allcovered pieces perfect, so that they stay beautiful for a long time!

Many brands use the traditional care symbols, which can be quite difficult to demistify some times. However, each Allcovered piece as the maintenance required written in word on the composition label, so it is essential to read it before the first wash!


- Raise all zippers and button buttons before putting your clothes in the machine so that they keep their shape

- For black and dark pieces, use a liquid detergent specially designed for dark colors, to avoid discoloration

- Wash your clothes in cold water and ALWAYS dry them in the open air. The dryer is forbidden!

- Wash your clothes inside out to avoid friction discoloration

- Avoid overloading the machine The drum should be filled to a maximum of 3/4 for optimal washing

- Sort your clothes. It is essential to sort the garnments by colors but also by textile types. Delicates garnments should never be washed with jeans

- To protect delicate pieces or even your nylon stockings or underwear, insert them in a pillowcase


- Coats and wools must be washed at the cleaner. For the vests and jackets, you can wash them in the machine unless it is written not to on the composition label

- Dresses, vests, jackets and coats must be stored on hangers in a dark place, with no contact with the sun. Empty pockets to prevent clothing deformation

- Coats and jackets should be stored on wider hangers, made for these types of garnment. This will prevent the deformation of your pieces ( as shown down below)

- To prevent the garnments from wrinkling, always hang them

You are now a clothing maintenance pro! With these tips, you'll enjoy your Allcovered pieces for years. No more chance to walk around with blackened pants now, you'll always be on top!