The must-have of a business wardrobe


Despite the amount of choices offered on the market, its always the same items that are at the top of the "must-have list". In fact, the more the garnment is classic, the more it has its place in the business wardrobe. Nowadays, there's so much variety that its sure you'll find the piece you need. The must-have girlboss are certainly the vest, the blouse, the little black dress and the black pants. See how these pieces are useful for you!


The vest

When your work day continues on and on and you must attend an happy hour or an important meeting, you’ll be happy to have your go-to vest with you. Long, short, fitted or loose, it's a perfect statement piece that can be worn in any occasion, and its pretty easy to include it in your wardrobe. No need to search for something eccentric to spice up your outfit, just wear your vest to look classy and professionnal. Wearing a vest will make your personnality shine through your outfit and will show to others how confident and ambitious you are. 

The blouse

We'll never get bored of wearing blouses. There are so many different ways to wear them that the the style of a blouse can change in the blink of an eye. In other words, we can wear it under a vest, raise the sleeves for a more casual look, wear it under a sweather, buttoned up or unbottoned etc. Keep in mind the style you want and the various ways to wear it when your shopping for one. You can even dare to wear colored, textured and patterned ones.




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The little black dress

You lack of inspiration in the morning? With the little black dress, you can never go wrong. Just put it on in the morning and accessorize it with your most beautiful smile. We love it because it takes us out of our clothing routine in discretion. The black dress is simple yet sofisticated and perfect for a day at work. You can complete your outfit with a vest, jewelry, nylon stockings and a beautiful shoe to bring your look at another level. 




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The black pants

The black pants are available in infinite cuts ; there's definitely one for every tastes and every silhouettes. Its always been associated to the classic working outfit, but it has never lost its popularity with time. The black pants will be your faithful timeless garment and a classic that you will keep for a very long time. The slimming power of black tone is an asset for all anyone wearing it.




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In short, what we love about the must-have of the business wardrobe is that they are easy to work with and they can be worn in multiple occasions. You now know what are the key pieces to own to have the ultimate girlboss wardrobe! Good shopping!