Cosmetics cleaning time



Spring has finally arrived, so its time to do the cleaning of your cosmetics. As a beauty professional, people often ask me why the cream you used all winter doesn't suit you anymore when the temperature changes. Well the reason is very simple, our skin changes according to the seasons, which is why I will talk to you about how to adapt your beauty routine.



During the winter, our skin is generally dry and very sensitive due to cold and lack of sunlight. For that season of the year, you should choose a little richer and nourishing  cream than the one you use during summertime for example. For the warmer weather, moisturizing creams/gels are generally preferred and light and refreshing products are better to smooth the skin that has been irritated by high heat and powerful UV rays.

While doing your cleaning, pay attention to the expiration dates of your products. On these labels, you can see the number of months since the day you opened the product until its expired. If you use an expired product, it will not be at its maxmum efficiency and you may also have irritations, swellings and even burns in extreme cases. Moreover, if the date is still good but your product has an unusual smell or texture, your product is definitely outdated.




Another wise advice, avoid leaving your skin products and makeup in the bathroom. The moisture is devastating on this type of product and accentuates the rancidity of these. In other words, creams, mascaras, lipsticks and even nail polishes do not have their place in the bathroom. Instead, place them in your bedroom, they will last longer! Have a great housekeeping!

Charlene H - Makeup Artist

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