How to dress according to our figure


If you have curves or not, have slimmer shoulders or larger ones, have a fuller or smaller chest, your figure defines the way you dress and your outfit must enhance your features on a daily basis. So why don’t you put the emphasis on them and make sure that you are confident with your own style at all time? To help you with that, we identified different styles of clothing to perfectly match your figure.


The A figure

-Narrow shoulders

-Small chest

-Small or defined waist

-Hips larger than the shoulders

-rounder butt


To highlight your upper body’s features, pick light colored tops, ruffle tops, off the shoulder tops or boat neck tops with patterns. Also, you can accesorize your outfit with a sash or a necklace. Moreover, anything that adds volume to the top of your body is a good option for you. 

For the bottoms, choose straight leg, flared or high waisted cuts for your skirts and pants since they make your hips appears narrower.

Furthermore, wrapped dresses, loose pieces fitted at the waist, wide collar or low cleavage dresses and tops will suit your body perfectly because they redefine your body proportions.


The V figure

-Large shoulders

-Shoulders larger than the waist and hips

-Chest sometimes voluminous

-Sporty figure


To enhance your athletic figure, choose clothes that emphasize your lower body to minimize the width of your shoulders and make your hips look broader. To do so, wear simple dark colored tops that cover the shoulders up without highlighting them. You can go for blouses, lace and wide shoulder straps to feminize the top part of your body too.

For the bottoms, opt for long skirts, empire waist or flared pants. Try to pair light colored bottoms with darker tops to create a contrast. Also, you can wear bottoms with patterns to attract the eyes to your lower body.

Moreover, V necklines and shirt dresses will accentuate the curves of your body.


The H figure

-Similar width shoulders and hips

-Small chest

-Undefined waist

-Narrow hips

-Slender shape


To define your curves, opt for fitted cuts or detailled neck tops to enhance your bust. Also, long coats and garnments with superposition details will help to create a curvier silhouette to your body and more movement in your outfit.

Your type of shape  would look great in any skirt or pant cuts, so go for your favorite one! High waisted pants will embellish your figure too. Also, don’t be scared of baggier pants, light colors and patterns since they define your curves.

Also, every piece of clothing that emphasize your upper or lower body will suits your body shape, as long as your waist is fitted.


The O figure

-Voluminous chest

-Undefined waist

-Curves evenly distributed on the body


For tops, V necklines and one button suit blazers with a wider neckline will fit your figure perfectly because they redirect the eye toward the face and create a slimmer waist. Also, flowy garments and tops that are fitted under the bust area help you define your waist.

To lengthen your legs, opt for shorter skirts or dresses, straight leg long black pants and empire-waist pants.

To enhance your figure, you can try the layering technique by adding a long coat to your outfit. Long black dresses and fitted dresses are also very flattering for your body.


The X figure

-Similar width shoulders and hips

-Slim or defined waist

-Generally slim figure


Go for tops that ends at the highest point of the hipbone because they accentuate your curves without hiding your slimmer waist under too much fabric. Also, bustiers, wrap tops, thight blouses, V or plunging necklines will fit you like a glove.

For the bottoms, opt for long high waisted skirts or A line, skinny or straight leg pants paired with tunics or even a wrap dress.

To enhance your body curves, cinched waist or thight dresses are your body’s best friends! Moreover, any type of dress will suit your body perfectly, but don’t forget that a belt can help you define your waist even better.


The 8 figure

-Similar width shoulders and hips

-Voluminous chest and wide hips

-Slim or defined waist

-Curvy shape


For tops, detailled or square necklines and fitted tops that are straight at the bottom are good options for you. Also, flowy fabrics and fitted tops would put the emphasize on your figure.

For the bottoms, rather than hiding your curves, accentuate them with high waisted straight skirts, straight leg or skinny pants. A line skirts are also a go-to bottom for you.

Buttonless long coats are a good option for your figure since they don’t hide your defined waist. Don’t hesitate to wear flowy dresses and cinched waist ones, thin straps and V necklines to highlight your features.




In short, dressing ourselves is a way to show your personnality and to express your confidence, so dare to wear what you like and what makes you shine!