About us

Allcovered is a reinvented and adapted wardrobe. We offer a complete and timeless collection adapted to modern women's needs. Because we know that each one of you is unique, almost all of our products can be entirely made to measure according to your measurements.  In other words, we simply adapt our designs to your figure.


Allcovered doesn't care about fashion industrie's rules and is anti fast-fashion. At Allcovered, we don't believe in style ephemerality that's why we don't categorize our collection by season. We only offer timeless pieces that will go through times with you, season after season, in addition to offer some exclusive items in limited quantities. Disposable fashion? You won't find that here.


Designed and made in our workshop in Quebec city, each item is made with a special attention to quality, comfort and elegance (and a little bit of love too!).


In short, our mission is to offer a complete, diversified and timeless wardrobe that we never get tired of. 





Bold, determined, but mostly visionary


 Fashion designer but now a business woman, Noémi Harvey has founded Allcovered in 2015 at the age of 21 y/o while studying at University. Being a very creative, passionate and determined person, she always knew she wanted to launch her own clothing brand and that's why she went in fashion design program before attending an entrepreneurship program in University, where she discovered her second passion: business. Having as a goal to dress "girlbosses" like her, she created a timeless and structured clothing line that totally defines her. 


" My own style is very minimalist and structured. I'm mostly inspired by my clients and the context they will wear the collection in. I want my design to be practical, so I put my energy in creating high quality pieces but easy to take care of. Even my personal style is not wild but really simple, I'm always wearing black! Allcovered is of course also my style! " - Noémi